10 Tips For Your Stunning Glamour Photography Sessions.

  1. One of The most important things to get right in any photo shoot is your hair. Make your hairdressing appointment as close to your photography session as possible. A new haircut and colour can make or break how you feel about yourself.  One thing that I see too often is women who come in with grey roots. Please, give your photography session a chance by fixing this easy problem. Young women too, if you have blond hair and black roots, fix them before not after the shoot.


  1. Choose colours that suit you. Choose the cut of the outfit to suit you. If you’re not sure what works well, please bring in a few different styles and we’ll help you out. Try out your pieces and photograph yourself first. Do you see yourself differently on the photo to how you see yourself in the mirror? Wear clothes that will hide or cover and features you don’t want seen. For example, if you don’t like your arms, please don’t wear a sleeveless top. Cover up your arms if you don’t like them with a long sleeve blouse etc.

How old is your clothing? Do you need to get rid of dog hair or balling? Is it ironed? Do you have holes in it? Are the patterns too distracting? It’s best to keep clear of patterns anyway, please keep patterns to a minimum.


  1. Whole body. This sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but if you are going to a photography session, please shave under your arms and your legs. We don’t have shaving equipment for you at our studio.  If you are bringing in a male partner, please tell him to shave just before the shoot.  You many want him to shave his chest if you are thinking of him going topless.

Tend to your nails, especially finger nails, they can really top off your portraits.  Spray tan is another option, just remember not to go too dark or orange and only do it if you do it regularly.

  1. Of course if you want the best results you can rely on our professional Hair and makeup artist. She takes out the stress of doing it yourself and she will pick appropriate colours to bring out your features. And to top it off she will apply the essential false eye lashes that really enhance your eyes. If you prefer to do your own make up, please read my article http://glamour-photography.net/category/make-up-tips/

Just remember to keep your make up a matt finish as possible because we use studio lights for most of the shoot.  If you have oily skin please powder it down and try to use blush and eye makeup without shine.


5. Clean them! Or bring new ones. We don’t always include shoes shoot. So if you want to complete the whole package, please bring enclosed stilettos and/or sexy boots.

 6. Please wear appropriate bra and knickers! If your dress needs a strapless bra underneath, please bring it. If you need a helpful tuck for your favourite dress, perhaps wear a body shaper underneath. Do you need a push up bra? A corset? Think of what will work with your body and clothing.  Underpants shouldn’t be seen. Bra straps shouldn’t be seen. If you intend to wear stockings, buy them brand new, do not wear them before the shoot.


7. Talk to your photographer what you wish to get out of the shoot. Tell her your concerns, what you’re worried about and what you love and hate about yourself.  If you let your worries be known at the beginning of the shoot then the photographer has ways of working with you to alleviate these issues.  The thing is, everyone has something about themselves they are not happy with, and this is not always obvious to anyone else but yourself. For instance, I quite often see really nicely toned women who I think are perfect, but they think their arms are too big, so bring up the concerns and we photographers can work around them.


8. Let the photographer know what music you really love and we can make a playlist for you of all your favourites to put you at ease and to make the whole experience a lot more fun.


9. You are in good hands. Pick a photographer you trust and go with the flow. You may wish to show you photographer examples of photographs you love and that you would be happy to be in. Or if you have an open mind, just trust your photographer to see the remarkable and go for it.


10. Have fun! Glamour portraits are special events in your life. You don’t do it every day. Enjoy the experience and reap the rewards.