What To Do In Your Next Boudoir Photography Session.

Think of the right time to book in your boudoir photography shoot. Remember you will be down to your underwear so please don’t have a heavy meal just before the session, it may bloat you or leave you feeling fatigued and uninterested.

When you schedule your Boudoir photography shoot, think about the time of the month, eg. when you have your periods. It is really a good time to avoid a boudoir session for the same reason as above.

Don’t come to your photography studio wearing tight clothes that will mark your body. Sorry but it really is a pain to take it out of your skin in post-production.

Are you sunburnt?  That is a big no-no. If you love the tanned look, your better off with a spray tan.

You can come in wearing your worst underwear, but don’t expect to be shot in it.  Boudoir photography can be costly so splurge a little more and buy some beautiful, well-fitting lingerie.  Get yourself measured properly at your local lingerie boutique. Lingerie that fits perfectly can change your body shape to help you look even better. We have many girls coming in with beautiful new lingerie, many purchased from Honey Birdette.  Others purchase online, here is an online business that has everything you may need, but if you do this, make sure it is the right fit!

Check in the mirror what you will wear before the event.  If you want to wear a bra and undie combination but you don’t like your tummy. You are best to choose a baby doll or corset instead, much more flattering.

Give yourself time to relax and feel pampered and have fun with the whole experience.  So please, Don’t book in anything else after the shoot. You don’t want to feel stressed because you scheduled something else after.

Ask about pricing and packages. Don’t expect to walk away with paying only a small amount for your boudoir photographs. They can be anywhere upward of $600

Keep an open mind and trust the photographer will come up with something similar and still amazing. Don’t get stuck on one inspirational image.  Not every studio will have the same props or lightening or backgrounds etc to do a replica of the shots you had in mind.

Don’t choose clothes that you haven’t tried on for a while. Before coming in, please try on your clothes, look in the mirror and if it fits and looks great, bring it, if it doesn’t, leave it at home.

Consider creating a different look, so you would spice up the variety of your outfits. To make the shoot interesting bring different types of outfits. Don’t just bring 5 black corsets for example.

Don’t even think about bringing in stockings that have been worn or even taken out of the packaging.

Please cut off tags and labels on pieces that show through sheer fabrics

Now the most important thing to remember in a Boudoir photography session is to have fun, love the experience and trust you are in good hands. If you are a little nervous because of your size, sex or race, relax, you have come to the right place. Here is a little sample of curvy women, enjoy.

Makeup tips here if you prefer to do your own.

This is one of my favourite poses. I tell you, it suits everyone!

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