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Have you ever wondered what it would be like photographing women in lingerie or men with little on? Do you want to hear the confessions of a Boudoir Photographer?

Do you ever wonder what goes on in one of our intimate boudoir sessions?

Besides all the fun and laughter that goes on behind closed doors, I also am privy to many very private conversations.

Women and especially men, feel very comfortable opening up and telling me their pain and sorrow, their joys and fetishes, and quirks and adventures.

I think that a boudoir photo shoot is similar to a therapy session. I listen to them, offer my advice, my client is heard, has all the attention on her/him, and they walk out with some exceptional images and feel great about themselves!

Do you want to hear some stories?

I hear some tales of nudists, polyamorous couples, people into bondage and sex workers and more.

I also hear some awful stories of men cheating on their wives and men abusing their wives and stories of women not understanding their husbands and vice a versa.



When my clients open up to me, I know they feel like they are in safe hands and I would not like to abuse their trust by writing in depth about anyone of their situations.  My hair and makeup ladies would say the same.
All I can say, if you want a therapy session and are thinking about a boudoir photo session, then why not combine them and kill two birds with the one stone (terrible expression by the way) and book in your boudoir photo shoot here!
I look forward to hearing from you. Ring to find out more on 02 9341 7027




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