How To Get The Most Out Of Your Nude Photography Session

OK, you have decided you would like to try a nude art photography session because your body is looking pretty hot at the moment, or you have come to terms with your body and  are happy with how you look.  It really does help your confidence levels if you feel really happy with your body. So no matter what shape you are in, as long as you feel comfortable then you will love the photo’s. We will focus on your assets to draw attention to your body parts that you love.

If you are working hard for the muscled, toned nude session, then remember to stick to your diet and keep working hard with your weights at the gym.

If you are more of a goddess type, you may wish to bring in some loose sheer fabrics to drape carefully around certain parts of your body.

One interesting fact, that sounds very obvious, if you get a spray tan with a g-string on, guess what? You get a g-string mark, so practice getting used to being nude with your beautician and wear nothing in your tanning session.

If you are not getting a spray tan, please consider what you are tanning or burning when you expose yourself to the sun. Stay out of the sun if you burn easily and please try to avoid tan lines.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. Moisturise your whole body days in advance and drink plenty of water days leading up to the shoot, but not too much on shoot day.

One very crucial bit of information to remember, is please wear loose clothing at least 2 hours before your photography session that will make sure your clothing doesn’t mark your body. 

The best thing about a nude art photography shoot is that you don’t need to bring any clothes. Yeah!

We have air-conditioning in our studio, so don’t worry if its winter, we can still make it toasty in here.

Personally I would keep away from wearing any special earrings for a nude shoot, but if you do want to wear a necklace, then bring in a few different styles and we can have include them in some of the shots.

You may wish to bring in your favourite robe for your nude shoot to make you feel comfortable.

Enclosed stilettos are a good idea to bring as they will give great definition in your legs, so please pack them.

Have a chat to your photographer on the styles you like and how moody, arty or sexy you prefer the nude session to be.  This will help getting the best out of your nude session.

We only have female photographers here at Honeydew photography, so if you wanted a male photographer, sorry, we cannot accommodate you.

One thing we can guarantee is that after a very short while into the nude art photography shoot, you will not even feel nude anymore! We will make sure you feel comfortable and take the edge off your nerves!

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