I’m Eleanor, and if you are anything like me you want to find out who is behind the business name, right?

Well, here I am, I decided to update my photo with one that I had taken when I was about 28 years old. Not to fool anyone, mind you, but to show how special it is to look back at decent photos of yourself, in this case, myself.

Welcome to my much needed revamped glamour site.

I work from my home, my studio was a garage. It is now a studio and it is away from my home. But sometimes I may use parts of my home for special photography sessions. And breaking news! The chalet is now finished and ready to use for that different boudoir look.

Interesting facts when you visit. At the moment, there are 3 chickens in the backyard. They provide us with hours of entertainment plus large fresh eggs. When you come to visit, you will love them as well.




I like singing and playing my baritone ukulele and piano,. I also like keeping fit by swimming and going to the Gym. You’ll catch me swimming at Maroubra Beach every Sunday morning in summer. (if it’s raining, then I will be in bed with a good book).

Oh yeah, and I love taking photos on holidays. I usually only bring my iPhone with me, as I can’t stand the bulk. And I love the speed of the iPhone and the challenge if presents in certain situations. If you want to look at my personal holiday snaps, you can see them on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing from you too, pop me a line on info@honeydewphotography.com.au or ring me on 02 9341 7027.






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